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– Bigger video: 506 pixels wide instead of 460.
– Better quality video: 500kbps, instead of 400kbps (Down the road, we will convert your old videos to higher quality automatically; if you want it now, you can Replace the video)
– Better video player: faster, you can Share, Embed, or Like it from anywhere you can watch it (Albums, Channels, or on external sites).
– There’s now a separate Settings page for each video. This means no more clumsy in-line editing.
– New upload page: It’s actually built-in to the settings page. So you can upload and edit clips in the same way, instead of having two separate interfaces. The uploading process is more stable and responsive.
– Easier, faster friend finder for cast and privacy. It shows your contacts, by default, instead of any random users who match your search text.
– The Share and Embed popups are much easier now; try them!
– If the video belongs to a Channel or Album, you will see it prominently next to the video. This will help you discover other related videos, but tastefully, ie, instead of plastering “Related Videos” thumbnails everywhere.
-everyone’s weekly upload quota will increase from 250 MB to 500 MB
-We have also created an HD video showcase using our new Channels platform: http://vimeo.com/hd

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十月 21, 2007 at 11:23 下午

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